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Welcome to the M-4 Flight Simulator

by C & R Entertainment

Our M-4 Flight Simulator is the ride of a lifetime! Experience all the thrills of 360 degree rolls in a P-51 Mustang without ever leaving the ground!


Looking for something special and unique for your next event? Though most of our time is spent as entertainment at air shows, we are also available as entertainment for company picnics, at corporate events, community days entertainment, and much more. Contact Us today for more information.


About the M-4 Flight Simulator

Our Flight Simulator is a dual M-4 Motion Theater on a 40 ft trailer. Each simulator offers two riders a choice of 4 different rides that each have from 4 to 8 complete 360 degree rolls. Our flight simulations include: P-51 Mustang, Jet Interceptor, and 2 computer generated space rides. Cameras in the simulators capture videos of the riders. The video is live-streamed to those outside the simulator – family and friends and those waiting in line. The videos are available to the riders on CD or SD card.

Our flight simulator combines virtual reality with motion to give riders a true to life experience! The M-4 feels so real, your heart will race and you will feel like you’ve actually been up in the air without ever leaving the ground!